Quicksilver 2000
The QS2000 or Quicksilver 2000 system is primarily found in its digital board based model. The QS2000 single antenna is used to expand a 3 foot system in to a 6 foot system. 3 QS2000 antennas can be used to cover a 6 foot door. 2 QS2000 antennas can be used to cover a 3 foot door. The QS2000 expansion antenna is primarily a receiver or Rv antenna. A transmitter or Tx board can be used if needed. This is accomplished by slaving the 2 transmitters together. The QS2000 is commonly seen in Walgreens stores. QS2000 checkpoint antennas can be tuned to 8.2 or 9.5 frequencies. 8.2 is the most commonly used RF signal in the electrnic article surveillance world.

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